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An online destination for all things sustainability, climate and positive change - with a curated collection of hundreds of the most innovative and exciting sustainable products.
the platform
Building on the success of our offline activations, our online platform will aim to provide brands with ways to continue to reach and engage consumers in social-first ways.
Our 360 advertising platform is a shoppable media channel with a focus on consumption, sustainability and wellness - it aims to provide brands with ways to continue to reach and engage consumers in social-first ways - it features curated customer touchpoints across all channels, optimised for maximum brand visibility, awareness and reach.
With sustainability at the core of our agenda, we love supporting brands that are reducing their carbon footprint. We know that it is a transition and learning process. We also know that every effort counts. Our brand partners are committed to be part of the industry wide change that’s needed to make sustainable practices the new normal across industries.
We care about the people making the products we use and wear and our brand partners do too. No matter where they are located, our brands look after their craftsmen or have proven ways to give back to the communities they manufacture in or have systems in place to support them via donations.
Socially Conscious
As an all female team, we are constantly looking to promote and support minority-owned businesses, from female to LGBTQIA+, Black and AAPI-owned.
We honour the local craftsmen and heritage behind products. Our brands celebrate the rich heritage that inspire their collections, whether locally or from overseas. Each piece tells a story and takes you on a cultural journey.
Empowering Minorities
Preserving Local
diverse & inclusive
tech savvy
visual and bite-sized content
Social Concious
get involved
01 – visibility
By featuring products on our platform, brands can tap into a targeted demographic actively seeking sustainable alternatives. This exposure can lead to greater brand awareness and attract new customers.
02 – sales potential
Our platform serves as a centralised hub where conscious consumers can discover the latest and most innovative products - the convenience factor streamlines the purchasing process, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales for all our brands.
04 – customer feedback
Our platform gathers valuable insights and feedback from consumers, helping participating brands improve their products and better meet consumer needs, allowing them to refine their offerings and stay responsive to market demands.
Our optimised touchpoints provide valuable data and analytics that can help brands gain insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and trends which can be further utilised in product development, marketing strategies, and customer engagement.
All participating brands will benefit from our marketing initiatives and campaigns, all in effort amplify brand visibility, enhance brand reputation, and foster an engaged community.
We are only onboarding brands that align with at least one of our four key values - environmental sustainability, minority empowerment, social consciousness and protecting local heritage craft. We have created a set of core values to celebrate how our partner brands currently consider the environment and the people involved in the production process, but also to encourage and incentivise our brands to incorporate these principles further into their business models. We created an easy to understand index system which we will use to catalogue our entire product catalogue, to indicate each brand’s sustainable attributes.
We're a values-driven platform giving our audience the ability to shop products and brands based on the causes they want to support.
age 20-34
uk based
female majority
tier 01
tier 02
tier 03
tier 04
£99 Starter Showcase
£199 Enhanced Exposure
£299 Influencer Impact
£549 The Ultimate Brand Elevator
tier 01
£99 – Starter Showcase
Brands with Tier 1 subscriptions will be able to showcase up to 5 SKU on our platform.
tier 02
£199 – Enhanced Exposure
Brands with Tier 2 subscriptions will be able to showcase up to 15 SKU on our platform.
tier 03
£299 – Influencer Impact
Brands with Tier 3 subscriptions will be able to showcase up to 15 SKU on our platform.
They will also be able to gain additional brand visibility and awareness via our monthly influencer gifting campaigns, leveraging our network of 5000+ activists, changemakers and sustainable influencers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle niches.

Each month, 10 select influencers will receive Tier 3 and participating brand boxes to try the products and create engaging content for the featured brands. All content will feature CTAs to drive sales for the brand via our platform - all content will be made available for all brands to use in their marketing as UGC content.

All brands with Tier 3 subscription will benefit from monthly marketing inclusion - including social media feature, newsletter feature and podcast feature, increasing the brand’s reach and engagement.
tier 04
£549 – The Ultimate Brand Elevator
Brands with Tier 4 subscriptions will be able to showcase up to 15 SKU on our platform.
Tier 4 brands will benefit from everything offered in Tier 3 with the addition of also being able to take advantage of our special perks such as a fixed 25% discount on fees for all our upcoming stores, preferred rates for event hosting and a secured spot in our exclusive monthly newsletter, reaching a broader audience.

They will benefit from being featured in our monthly production days - gaining additional brand visibility and awareness. Our productions are focused on creating multi-brand, multi-purpose content in our unique style that resonates with our audience for marketing purposes. All content will be made available for all brands to use in their own marketing campaigns.


  • Including a full creative team - photographer, creative director, makeup artist and stylist
  • Featuring models from top agencies
  • Lifestyle focused
  • On location
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
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influencer gifting
content production
Place one of your products in our monthly influencer gifting campaign and have it land with 10 suitable influencers to amplify your product listing with us
Place one of your products in our monthly content production and have it featured in multi-brand, multi-purpose editorial imagery along with other Zero Zero brand partners.
We appreciate that a monthly commitment to our higher tiers might not be feasible to some smaller brands - that’s why they are also available as flexible add-ons to our lower Tiers.

Use them strategically to amplify your marketing activations like new product launches, sales or to drive additional awareness and traffic during key sales events like Earth Month or Christmas.
Tier 2 discount
Turn curiosity from IRL interactions into customers and loyal fans - we-re excited to extend an exclusive offer to all brands that subscribe to Tier 2: enjoy the first 6 months of your Tier 2 subscription for free, on our commission-only model. The perfect offer to try out Zero Zero the platform and connect with our community.
+5 SKU
Want to showcase more SKUs? We got you covered! This add-on allows you to showcase up to 5 additional products on our platform, providing the perfect opportunity to test new products, highlight seasonal items or simply boost your brand’s presence.

Interested in going even bigger? For brands looking to feature more than 20 SKU in a month, we're here to support your ambition with a personalised package tailored to your needs. Reach out to us directly, and let's design a solution that puts your brand in the spotlight.
Introducing our exclusive Platform+Store combo offer, tailor-made for our brand partners who are looking for both online impact and physical retail presence.

Benefit from a discount on your monthly Tier 4 subscription fee until July to make the most of your partnership with us, and secure your space in our much-anticipated July store ‘The One in The Garden’ at the exclusive discounted rate of £499.
6-months offer
the store
00.thestore is a quarterly pop up concept store - an offline marketing activation and advertising platform for sustainable brands to connect with their audiences in a retail environment, leverage the space to create community-focused events and collect data on their audiences and their behaviours.

All brands with a platform membership will have early-access to register to all upcoming local and international store activations.
upcoming stores
To request our full Edition schedule for 2024/25, please get in touch with
"Being a part of the 00.The Store pop-up allowed us to reach a new audience in a space that also resonated with our own brand values. We hosted an event that brought our community together for the first time and share our brand story offline. This generated 94 pieces of coverage across Instagram, TikTok and Lemon 8 and a combined total potential reach of 967,655."
DèDè Clarkson - Carbon Theory